Top software developer podcasts

I spend around 40 minutes everyday at listening software development podcasts. They are great way to learn new technologies and easy way to keep track of latest trends. Currently I use the iPhone default podcast player and its good enough for me, on Windows Phone I used i Podcast alot and it was great also.

These are my favorite podcasts in a field of software development:

1. .NET Rocks

.NET rocks is a one of the longest running .NET podcasts. Episodes are well produced and there ain't too much of commercials in show. Guests are top of the line and hosts are doing good job asking interesting questions around the topic. Only minus is that hosts rarely challenge their guests to defend their opinion or to give a good argument why their 40302. Javascript framework is the best in the world. New shows appears more than once a week which is a nice thing for active listeners.

2. The Web platform podcast

Web platform podcast currently runs at 100. episode. Topics varies from Javascript frameworks into latest Microsoft Explorer version. Podcast has great hosts and topics are usually interesting and trending at the moment. New shows appears almost every week.

3. Javascript Jabber

Javascript Jabber is a well produced podcast which runs new episode once a week. Hosts have a good knowledge of web development (well maybe not Amy, but the others atleast!) and topics are usually well picked. Shows are quite ploated from commercials, but they are bearable.

4. Herding Code 

Herding Code topics are really interesting. For example latest episode (#217) guest was Nick Craver from StackExchange and he presented technologies and numbers behind the StackExchange. Bad thing about Herding Code is that they don't provide that many shows in a year. Currently there is only three shows released in 2016.
(Don't go to their web site, it's hacked).

5. Coding Blocks

My fifth choice is Coding Blocks. Coding Blocks is relatively new podcast (first show in 2013 and latest episode is 44.). Episodes are usually around two hours, so they are quite long compared to other software podcasts. Shows contains lot of chit-chat, so they could be easily fit into 1h, if you would pick-up only important parts. Topics are broad and there ain't any guests in shows which is refreshing.


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