Eclipse Che and Codenvy

Eclipe Che is an open source "Cloud IDE" created by Codenvy (and currently owned by Eclipse Foundation). I put quotes around Cloud IDE because Eclipse Che can be installed also locally and run like old-school IDE. This is a huge difference to another solutions, which are usually restricted into cloud only.

Che requires Java 1.8 and a Docker host to run locally. There is a full installer available at Eclipse Che site. This installer includes Che, Java, Docker, Git Bash and Shortcuts. Very neat indeed.

The Che itself consist from multiple different parts like workspaces, docker machines and Cloud IDE, but in this post I'm going to focus on Cloud IDE part.

The Cloud IDE

Eclipse Che has its roots in Java world and that's clearly visible in IDE. The app itself looks like a stand-alone Java application and there is Java terms flying around the IDE. I'm frankly .NET guy and all these Java settings seems a little distracting to me. If you have a Java background, you will feel certainly're more at home with this IDE with

Very Java oriented
Java Swing anyone?

Basic features

The editor is build on top of Orion Cloud IDE. Editor contains all the basic features like code highlighting, code completion for multiple languages, code deployment and Subversion/Git tools. There are project templates for C++, Go, Javascript, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby. Che has plugin support so new languages are just matter of creating a plugin.

There are plugins for Angular, Grunt, Gulp, NPM, Yeoman and so forth. This is a good set of tools to run modern-day web development at cloud.


Where is my window layouting?

IDE has a tab system for windowing, but I couldn't find any way to set two tabs side-by-side. Double-clicking tab will hide all the other widgets and focus all screen area for clicked tab, but dragging tabs or right clicking them didn't give any option for layouting, not either did "Windows" menu.


Che is fast. I mean very fast. It feels faster than my Notepad. This is very important, because lag in typing can easily kill a good vibe in development.

Real-time warnings

Che gives real-time warnings and errors about Javascript (and other languages). Errors are shown on left side of editor and they have a tooltip which describes error. Like 'asdf is undefined. Missing semicolon.' Another cool, but also quite common feature.

Real-time warnings


Codenvy is a company that offers hosted version (and on-prem version) for Eclipse Che. Company's head office is at San Francisco and they are quite fresh company (founded in 2013).

Codenvy has three different kind of offering:
1) For individuals, students, and small teams, they offer SaaS model
2) For teams, devops, and organizations, they offer Codenvy On-Prem installation and support.
3) Codenvy On-Prem is also offered with hardware. I call this model as a turnkey model.

Pricing starts from Free version and ends into Enterprise SaaS which is priced at 60$/month per user (02/18/2016). Pricing is not around cheapest cloud IDE's, but if you get a good value for a money, then it is justified. The answer for that is more complicated.
For sixty dollars you will get this feature list:
- We provide the software, hardware, and admin
- Private, hosted installation of Codenvy On-Prem
- Available on Azure, AWS, or any other provider
- Premium support and SLAs
- Monitoring, alerts, and monthly software upgrades
- Extensible with custom plug-ins

Sounds like a good set of features to me.

Codenvy is currently only company offering Eclipse Che as a hosted service. So if you want to use Eclipse Che as SaaS model or get fully installed & configured on-prem environment, Codenvy is the right company for that.

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions. I don't work for Codenvy or Eclipse Foundation.

If you have any experiences with Eclipse Che or Codenvy, please leave a comment!


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