I recently encountered a new interesting cloud IDE called Codeanywhere. Codeanywhere is free to use for small usage (one container), but if you want to go big (multiple tech. stacks etc.), you will have to pay 7$/month to get ten containers. For 40$/month you will get a 30 containers. Compared to Codio pricing has more options, but amount of containers is quite restricted.

Getting started is very easy, just type email address and password and you are ready to go. If free subscription is not enough, subscription can be easily upgraded from account dashboard by filling billing information.

Basic features

Codeanywhere has almost all the features which are expected from modern-day IDE. It has rich text editor, support for version control systems and way to deploy projects, however it doesn't have support for debugging, this has to be done with browser tools. Window layouting has support for multiple different columns and rows, which is a nice feature.

Code completion for Javascript
Code completion supports Javascript, PHP, HTML and CSS. It's fast and intuitive.

Real-time validation detects that JSON is invalid

More than web editor

Codeanywhere projects are hosted in Amazon and they run on a docker box. This means that you can use all the docker features and create a projects for different programming languages. Codeanywhere says that it supports 75 different languages on code editor. Docker itself "supports" great amount of programming languages as seen in official repository list.

Feature list exposes that Codeanywhere has implemented wide range of features and it gives great tool belt for developers to develop their projects on cloud. There are some key features which I would like to raise up are:
1) Fast UI. I mean blazing fast. On a modern computer you cannot detect difference between installed software.
2) Very easy to get started
3) Integration with Github, Bitbucket and other common online source controls
4) Support for shortcuts
5) Simple UI

Rightside overview of open file is nice little feature


Codeanywhere documentation is not its best part. It has basic documentation, but for example when searching for keyword "Deployment" the only returned page is "Codeanywhere overview". Compared to Codio, Codeanywhere is still behind in documentation. Luckily the UI is so simply to use, that you rarely need a guide.


Codeanywhere has implemented some features which aren't possible for "normal" installed IDE's, For example Google Docs Style pair programming and support for almost ALL platforms. Pricing is flexible and not that expensive.

Codeanywhere is certainly worth a try and I'm going to give it a change to take place as my web development platform.


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