ASP.NET MVC and Owin

Today I was working with Owin authentication and social media logins. Customer had reported a weird problem, that Twitter authentication was not working, even though I just tested it and it worked. So I opened my Chrome, tried login and it worked like a charm. Then I realized that they were using Internet Explorer. I Opened IE, tried to login with Twitter and Badam!
var result = await AuthenticationManager.AuthenticateAsync(DefaultAuthenticationTypes.ExternalCookie);
result variable was always null. I started to google problem and found this StackOverflow question: question definitely related to my problem somehow, but confirmed answer didn't help me (because I already had updated code). Then finally I scrolled to bottom of answers and found this one:
I solved it by doing the following two steps: 1> Visual Studio Menu->Tools->Library Package Manager->Manage NuGet Packages for Solution..., then install package: Microsoft.Owin.Host.SystemWeb 2> In the same window, click Update (left bar) and then update all the packages.
So I went to Visual Studio, updated all my Owin packages into (I had 3.0.0), opened IE and all worked again.


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