Redis, In-memory database

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Lately i have been working with a database product called Redis. Redis is a key-value database which concentrates on pure speed. Redis runs in memory, but syncs data into disc also in case of shutdown. Redis is desinged to be used with huge data masses, but it runs fine with smaller databases also. There are few strange things in Redis which are good to know.

Datatypes Redis 

contains only few datatypes (seven to be exact), but datatypes are designed to be used in a very specific way, so knowing them well is required for effective use. Strings, hashes, sets, lists and sorted sets are the most used ones.

Database design 

While working with Redis, I have noticed that database designing differs from relational databases. When working with relational databases we start designing database based on the data. What kind of data we have and what are the relations. When working with Redis the database design is driven by the software which is using database. For example if you are storing user information. You first think how you are going to be using the data. Are you searching with id only, or are you creating complex queries. All these decisions affects what kind of datatype we should use for user. I would say that relational databases are designed on the basis of the data, when again Redis databases are designed according to the software.

Combining with other databases

Redis database is usually combined with other databases, because if you run out of memory (you are having more data than allocated memory) your Redis instance will crash. That's why Redis is usually used only for caching or acting as a frontier data storage for your app.

The best way to predict the future is to implement it.

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