Azure and Visual Studio Online integration

Today I found something really cool. When I created a new web site into Azure I was able to select Visual Studio Online as a source control system. After doing this selection Azure did automatically build AND deploy configuration into VSO and made a trigger for a GIT commit (VSO GIT). So whenever I do a commit for this project, it will automatically deploy it into Azure.

This is how it works:

1. Login into Azure and create a new web site
2. Select custom wizard
3. Check a "Publish from source control" checkbox
4. Move to next page
5. Insert VSO url, login and select a desired VSO project.

Example project

When Azure has built web site you should have build configuration at VSO. Login into VSO and select Build tab. In Build tab you should see a build definition. Add it into queue to build project, or commit something into VSO GIT and witness the magic.

Build tab at Visual Studio Online


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