Three problems of IoT

Yes. We all have heard of it. They call it "Internet of Things". What really Internet of Things (later IoT) is? Well there are some definitions, but as you can see there is a word "thing" in it. So noone can't even describe it properly.

IoT is usually understood so that your fridge can send you an SMS to buy a milk, which would be great, but is it really worth all that hype? Well kinda. We can build great gadgets which are connected to internet, but we still have few big issues which slow down the revolution.

Wireless energy

I think we will need a wireless energy for IoT to really take off. If you have an electrical door lock which you can open with a cellphone, you have to pull a wire all the way into a lock. You could do it maybe for a new house, but how about 50 year old one? What if you have a smart sneakers to tell you how much you have walked. You dont want to plugin those into a socket.

Cheap internet modules

Internet is complicated world. It is very complicated for small, inexpensive simple chip. Getting into an internet is not cheap. If you gonna own a hundred sensor with internet connection, it's gonna cost you money.

Texas instruments have released a chip, which costs only 10$ and can connect to internet. With that price we are close to solve this problem. However if you add retail costs into that, we are close to 15-20$/sensor.


Of course when your house is filled with sensors you don't want to expose your whole life into a world. We also want to trust our sensors. They can't be overtaken by a hacker.

Security comes in two forms. We don't want to expose our data to foreign people, but we also need to feel secure in our house. We need a trustworthy environment, so our sensors need to work even if our internet router freak outs or we lose our internet connection for awhile. All those things can't come down to knees.

Final words

IoT is a great thing. I'm huge fan of sensor network which would cover my whole house, work place and even car, but we need to solve whole bunch of problems before we can talk about revolution of IoT.


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