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One day I boasted Codio to my colleague and he asked me if I have tried Visual Studio Online already. I had never heard of it and decided to give it a try.
Visual Studio Online is the fastest and easiest way yet to plan, build, and ship software across a variety of platforms. With Visual Studio Online, you can set up an environment for you or your team that includes everything from hosted Git repositories and project tracking tools, to continuous integration and an IDE, all packaged up in simple monthly plans. Get up and running in minutes on our cloud infrastructure without having to install or configure a single server. -
Well that sounds cool. It even includes IDE and that's what I'm enthused about.

First thing to get Visual Studio Online is register an account at After registering you can login by typing your personal visualstudio url into browser.

Visual Studio Online dashboard
Visual Studio Online dashboard contains lots of stuff. Mainly it is full of tutorials, about boxes, and news. Good thing is that it is a bit customizable. New project can be created direcly from dashboard like in other "cloud IDE's". Creating a new project takes a while, almost couple minutes.
New project
Git and TFS are version control options. For some reason, Subversion is still not supported by Visual Studio. There are also three project models available. In this post i chose to use Scrum.

After creating a project there are five tabs visible at the top.
Home leads back to dashboard
Code shows version control state and files
Work contains Scrum boards
Build has a list of last builds and their statuses
Test contains a test plan designer and a basic test runner (for manual testing)

Basically what we have here is a toolset to run a software project. We have backlog and sprint board for task management, Code for version control, Build for CI building and Test for manual testers. What we don't  have here is an IDE!

Where is my IDE!

At frontpage, there is a text saying that Visual Studio Online contains an IDE. Oh! Wait... It is actually saying that it can set up an IDE. So basically it does not contain any IDE, it will only help you to set up your visual studio easily from Visual Studio Online project. I think the name is a bit misleading here. What we have here is a toolset familiar from TFS, but not an IDE. Personally I connect name Visual Studio into IDE, not to an project toolset.

For more info see Visual Studio Online pages

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